Planning a visit?

Attending a new church can be intimidating. We understand that.

However, we at DHBC seek to foster a healthy community that welcomes and embraces guests from all walks of life! 

Therefore, before you pay a visit, we hope to "put your mind at ease" by answering a few frequently asked questions:

What should I wear?

Typically, Sunday Worship attendees wear "business casual" attire. However, we don't let our clothes stand between us and a worshipful experience! Please, come as you are. Additionally, Wednesday studies and other activities throughout the week are generally casual in nature.

How long are your services?

One hour in length. We are prompt to begin Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and Wednesday Study at the advertized time, and to be completed within one hour. We realize that everyone has busy schedules, and we try our best to be respectful of everyone's time. 

What is the "culture" of your church?

By all standards, we are a traditional Southern Baptist Church. Typically, we sing traditional hymns, and follow a traditional worship service format. However, we do implement many modern methods in our system! In short, we pay great respect to the traditions of the church, while not allowing them to come between us and being culturally relevant to our community with the gospel of Jesus. 

What about my children?

We love children! Each Sunday, we have a "chlildren's moment" halfway through the service, and provide a staffed "children's church" during the last half of service which is for ages 3-10. At any point, if needed, there is also a nursery available. 

Why is the children's church not for the length of the whole service?

Worshipping God is a powerful and noble thing. We encourge this to be done gathered corporately as a family unit. It is important, and healthy, for children to see their mothers and fathers engaged in worship. Additionally, a nursery is available at any time if needed.

What translation of the Bible do you use?

While our pastor preaches and teaches out of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) for convictional reasons, we are open to most available Bible translations.

What if I don't have a Bible?

Don't worry! We'll make sure to provide you with one (to keep!) free of charge. Consider this our gift to you.



You'll be greeted with warm hugs and a smile!! Complimentary bottled water and other beverages are also available. Please, make yourself at home!